Unicum House cleaning agents

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UNICUM cleaning agents
UNICUM grease removers. Instantly clean! – this is the best description of how these agents work. They instantly remove grease and carbon deposits from stoves, hoods, walls, tabletops, without damaging the surfaces. UNIMUM grease removers line includes not only the multi-purpose UNICUM Gold, but also special grease removers for non-stick coatings, for glass ceramics, for stoves and ovens, cookware and baking pans, grills and barbecues.
The absolutely new product in the line and sensation in the market of household chemicals is white GRIZZLY – grease remover of unique power with a handy foam trigger and a pleasant fragrance of mint. For the FIRST time a powerful grease remover does not smell of chemicals! Mint aroma instead of chemical smell! A housewife’s dream!
UNICUM bathroom cleaners. A line of agents ensuring shiny cleanliness in bathrooms and lavatories quickly and with minimal time and effort. In addition to the ultra-efficient UNICUM bathroom cleaner, our company also produces special products for the acrylic surfaces of bathtubs and shower cabins, for tiles, for the cleaning and maintenance of jacuzzi and hot tubs, agents for toilet bowls, and a special composition for removing mold and fungus, which willingly settle in the humid atmosphere of the bathroom. Most products are sold in spray bottles, which makes their use particularly convenient.
UNICUM dishwashing detergents. An optimum combination of high quality, effective cleaning base, perfect protection of the hands skin and unique fragrances, among which every housewife will find something to her liking! And there are more than 11 kinds of them in three collections: Oriental, European and Russian.
UNICUM agents for floors and carpets. The multi-purpose mopping agent will help clean from dirt and give shine to any type of flooring. In addition, the line includes special agents for demanding coverings: laminate, wooden floors and parquet. Unicum cleaning agent will facilitate labour-consuming cleaning of textile surfaces, and a special agents for carpets and upholstered furniture in a convenient bottle with a sprayer will remove dust and dirt from the depth of the fabric without damaging its fibers.
UNICUM glass cleaners. Cleaning of glass, mirror and plastic surfaces requires a special approach, since it is not so easy to remove dirt without leaving streaks! UNICUM cleaning agents for glass, mirrors and plastic will help you achieve shining cleanliness easy and quickly! And the special agent Silicone will also leave a special protective layer.
In addition, the range of UNICUM household chemicals includes special agents helping solve many large and small household tasks. For example, agent for cleaning and care of leather items in the form of spray or wet wipes; agent for furniture treatment, agents for non-contact cleaning of chandeliers, cleaning agent for office equipment, cleaning agent for articles of precious metals.
The popular TORNADO granular drain cleaner is particularly worth mentioning.
The modern UNICUM household chemicals can cope with chores in an instant!