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“Eco-laundry is possible!
The new VAILY line of cleaning agents presents environmentally friendly laundry detergents for all kinds of linen. See for yourself – washing can be effective and high-quality with products which do not contain chemical components.
Only natural vegetable ingredients make up the washing base of VAILY liquid laundry detergents and conditioning rinses. They can be called bioproducts with full confidence, as evidenced by the “ECO” sign on the label. This is a sign of ecological purity of the composition and safety of its components for humans and the environment.
The company offers:
VAILY Sensitive – multi-purpose gel and rinse aid for washing all kinds of fabrics
VAILY Touch – gel and rinse aid for colored linen
Use VAILY eco-gel and eco-rinse aid together to achieve exceptional results.
What guarantees VAILY liquid detergent on a natural basis
No smell and the lack of substances provoking allergic reactions and irritations.
Ensuring cleanliness and freshness of the fabric.
Delicate action on the structure of the weave and dye.
Reduced foaming and easy rinsing off the product.
Possibility to use it in machine and hand wash.
What does VAILY rinse aid do?
Conditioning rinse is designed to complete the gentle effects of gels and make things pleasant to use and clothes pleasant to wear:
it softens fabrics, makes them soft to the touch;
prevents folds, creases, formation of pills;
facilitates ironing.