B&B Company
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Private label

Manufacturing B&B Family Company is the best producer of household chemical goods and non-woven products in Russia. B&B Family Company is the modern plant, at which different concepts and advanced scientific developments in the field of production of household chemical goods under own and contract trademarks are used. The contract manufacturing includes a full set of services for production of household chemical goods from development of formulas to manufacturing of finished products. The contract manufacturing of household chemical goods for partners along with products for own brands is the main company’s activities

Formula for success

  • We are an expert on the market of household chemical goods! Our knowledge and experience allow us creating innovative products;
  • We create the product, which save your time and improve the life quality;
  • We use the best raw materials of foreign suppliers with the ideal reputation.
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The full manufacturing cycle

State registration

B&B Family company offers to the customer a full set of the product registration documents, including state-recognized certificates.


  • The latest process equipment.
  • Three-level quality control: at the input of raw materials and components, during production and at the finished product yield.
  • ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates on the environmental management system and the enterprise quality system.


  • Proprietary reactor shop: the possibility to produce eight different products simultaneously.
  • The reagent park allowing to produce up to 100 tons of products per day.
  • The modern filling lines provide the possibility to pack up to 100,000 units of household chemicals per day.


  • Multifunctional warehouse complex for 6,500 pallet positions.
  • Seven docks with levellers, a fleet of modern forklifts.

What will you receive?

  • Products without manufacturing investments;
  • Unique formulation;
  • Quick launch of the product on the market;
  • Selection of container, color and volume;
  • Quality good;
  • Full set of authorization documents on the product;
  • Stable supplies
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Manufacturing stages

    For kitchenFor bathroomFor floorMean from obstructionFor laundering


    5000 - 50 000 pcs.50 000 - 200 000 pcs.200 000 - 1 000 000 pcs.more 1 000 000

    Product creation process
    Technical assignment
    Range formation Application
    Appearance Color and smell
    Price segment Order size
    Ready-made solution selection by analogues
    The Customer’s composition carrying out of researches
    Testing for stability and compliance with technical requirements
    Commercial proposal
    We provide the commercial proposal based on the selected range and tested compositions
    Preparation of documents
    Drawing up of all documents required for the product registration
    Assignment of bar codes
    Manufacturing start-up
    The term of the finished product receipt is 45 days from the date of approval of the label design, components and formulas