EasyWork Professional cleaning agents

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“EasyWork cleaning agents
EasyWork series includes cleaning agents of a professional level. Care for items and surfaces includes cleaning off dirt, restoration and giving additional properties.
Purchase effective EasyWork cleaning agents, create coziness and cleanliness easily and effortlessly.
General characteristics of EasyWork cleaning agents
In plastic canisters of 5 l.
Easily washed off with water.
Effective against stubborn contaminations.
Does not lose its properties during long-term use.
ЕasyWork washes everything
Professional series EasyWork is presented in the following categories:
Conditioning rinse for linen – leaves freshness, the dried linen will be soft, without folds and creases which are difficult to iron out.
Mopping agent – for daily cleaning of all kinds of flooring.
Dishwashing detergent with a slight citrus aroma – dissolves grease, makes kitchen utensils shine.
Agent for plumbing fixtures – cleans, disinfects sinks, toilet bowls, bathtubs, and restores luster.
Cleaning and caring agent for ovens and stoves – quickly deals with stubborn kitchen contaminations and fat components.
Pipe cleaner in 5 l and 750 ml – removes any blockage in drains.
Easywork glass cleaner – suitable for mirrors and all shiny surfaces.
Professional household chemicals ensure cleanliness and extend the life of the treated surfaces.
Be economical and rational
Recalculate the price based on the usual 0.5 l, and you will see the difference. Imagine how many times you would have to bother about replacing the finished product during the time you use EasyWork agents coming in 5 liters. Purchase agents in canisters, save your money and time.”