“For more than 20 years, the B&B Family Company factory has been manufacturing and supplying the Russian market with household chemicals and non-woven products of Israeli quality, made on the basis of advanced Russian technologies and modern European raw materials

  • plant capacity – 25,000 tons per year
  • first-class raw material
  • Proprietary artesian wells with a depth of more than 220 meters
  • High-tech water treatment complex – 100 tons of water per day
  • Proprietary reactor shop – 7 reactors designed for 100 tons of products per day
  • Producing up to eight different products simultaneously
  • Modern filling lines of leading European manufacturers
  • Packing more than 100 000 units of household chemicals per day.
  • 4 automated lines for packaging, bottling and labeling of products in containers from 200 ml to 18 l.
  • The transition of the packaging process from one bottle to another is less than 20 minutes.
  • The capacity of the shop of non-woven products is 7 million units per month.
  • Converting of non-woven and paper materials is more than 35 tons (2,000 km) of canvas per day (100,000 rolls).
  • Laboratory with triple quality control in Russia and Israel.
  • Multifunctional warehouse complex for 6,500 pallet positions.
  • 7 docks with levellers, a fleet of modern forklifts.

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