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Dear Colleagues!

In the entire history of chemistry, the discovery of the periodic table was one of the most important events. The discoverer was our Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev. This truly brilliant and many-sided man succeeded in systematizing the chemical elements in one table, on the basis of which all the scientists of the world work today. The contribution of Russian scientists to world chemistry cannot be underestimated – it is huge! Butlerov, Beketov, Zelinsky, Danilevsky, Markovnikov, Lebedev, Kucherov, Kurnako, Borodin, Semenov, etc. They all strived for the same goal: prosperity of Russian chemistry, domestic production and the Russian state as a whole!

For many years, the inventions of Soviet chemists, including in the field of household chemistry, have been successfully implemented. But since the 90s, Russia has been flooded with imported products from different countries in Europe, Asia, the United States, the Far and Middle East. The advanced technologies of the West, aggressive advertising and competent trade marketing allowed the imported manufacturers of household chemicals and their brands to quickly capture the Russian market, shelves in stores and the minds of Russians.

But times change. Now, completely domestic manufacturers of household chemicals are increasingly developing and successfully operating in Russia, and are ready for a healthy competition with foreign analogues, not only in quality but also in price, because production in their native land ensures that there is no need to pay customs duties, double tax rates and complex logistics. “Made in Russia” now sounds proudly, and the quality meets all international standards!  Since 2015, the Government of Russia has identified IMPORT SUBSTITUTION (Russian: Importozameschenie) as one of its main goals of domestic economic policy and many domestic household chemicals companies have readily entered the fight for the Russian market.

The Russian B&B Production Company is nowadays one of the largest factories producing household chemicals of the Middle+ and Premium classes. The quality of production complies with all Russian and international requirements and is under the systematic control of the Israeli laboratory “LAB B&B Ltd Israel”. The key to high quality are: high plant capacity, Israeli technologies and formulations, modern equipment, Russian highly qualified personnel, proprietary water treatment (artesian wells with a depth of more than 220 meters + four-stage treatment) and the best selected raw materials of European standards! The price on the shelves is 50% lower than that of foreign counterparts! That is, for the price of one imported analog, you can buy 2-3 units of B&B products at the same quality. Is it worth it to overpay?

In addition to the production of household chemicals, the B&B factory has organized the largest production of non-woven materials in Russia, which has already gained immense popularity among consumers throughout Russia.

The company employs highly professional Russian specialists, candidates and doctors of chemical sciences.

The convenient location of the B&B factory in Vidnoye in the Moscow Oblast significantly saves time and costs of partners and suppliers.

Since 2011, the flagship product of the B&B» Production Company is housegold chemicals under the UNICUM brand.

As for concentration, action speed and efficiency, UNICUM means products of a professional level, which uniquely differs from its counterparts by the fact that cleaning takes now 30-40% less time and efforts. In quality and formula, UNiCUM is comparable to world-renowned Israeli cosmetics.

Today, we offer customers the widest range of products under the UNICUM trademark at an affordable price for safe, quick and high-quality cleaning of your home, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. To remove grease and wash dishes, to clean all possible surfaces. For care of household appliances, furniture and cars.

The removal of contaminations with the help of UNICUM is particularly fast due to the very high activity and quality of its ingredients and surfactants, which allows you to flawlessly clean any surface to a shine virtually in an instant.

The UNICUM cleaning and washing agents includes:

  • the range of grease removers is led by the best seller Unicum GOLD grease remover and an innovative development – Grizzly super-powerful grease remover with mint aroma instead of the chemical smell;
  • dishwashing detergents in 3 collections
  • laundry gels and conditioning rinses
  • products for kitchen, for washing of bathtubs, shower cabins, jacuzzi, for cleaning of furniture, leather and carpets, for washing of floors;
  • liquids for cleaning and disinfection of plumbing fixtures, descaling and mold removal;
  • glass washing sprays, including the innovative SILICONE, sprays for cleaning of screens and office equipment
  • specialized agents and best seller TORNADO TURBO GRANULES to remove blockages.
  • non-woven wipes, SUPER Dusters, reusable towels and more.

With this range, any house, appliances and utensils will always be impeccably clean and protected from bacteria.

According to sociological studies, Russian buyers are becoming more picky in choosing household goods and pay special attention to the safety, quality and environmental friendliness of household chemicals. They began to increasingly refuse the cheap economy class which is dangerous to health and things, in favor of the quality and safety of premium products. Therefore, even small retail stores cannot do without premium-quality products in their assortment today. The B&B products steadily wins the customer confidence and becomes the first choice brand in the segment.

Today, the UNICUM Russian trade mark offers a favorable price to quality ratio for the Russian market.

Besides UNICUM, other B&B brands and trademarks are rapidly developing and filling the market: EasyWork professional line of cleaning agents, Cotico Baby children’s line and the new VAILY line for a safe and environmentally friendly cleaning of your house.

The regular partners and clients of the B&B Production Company already are the largest federal chains, regional retailers and HoReCa throughout Russia and CIS.
Since 2015, in accordance with the program of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, the B&B Production Company has been heading towards import substitution under the mandatory conditions of meeting the international quality standards!

“We work for cleanliness!” – this is the motto of B&B.
We invite you to join the state program of import substitution and become a regular customer and partner of the B&B Russian Production Company.”