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“VAILY eco-friendly household chemicals for cleaning the house –  eco-friendly household chemicals which will protect you from dirt, dust and germs every day! VAILY washing and cleaning agents are reliable and powerful, delicate and safe at the same time. This is a high-tech eco-product for safe daily cleaning, which gives a feeling of complete harmony with nature! It is a mountain spring washing your bathroom and dishes, it is the morning freshness on the floor, curtains and furniture, it is the sun in your window, it is the coolness of spring and the soothing rustle of young leaves… It is VAILY!.. ECOVAILY. It is capable of creating for you an island of nature, an oasis of ecology and purity – ECO-cleanliness of your home!
Conducted research by B&B Family Company laboratories in Israel and Russia, as well as modern technology, allowed to create light, delicate, environmentally friendly and at the same time effective household chemicals. Products with European quality, perfect balance of components and protective properties are called VAILY. For the first time, Russian production made it possible to make expensive eco-products affordable for a middle-income buyer.
Purchase VAILY household products in retail chains and online stores, wholesale and retail. Follow the information on the official website, be the first to know about new products.
Safety and effectiveness of VAILY eco-products
To wash dishes, as well as vegetables and fruits – VAILY Sensitive and Touch foam. Washes qualitatively, is odorless, rinses off well. Has antibacterial properties. Does not irritate the hands skin and is safe for health.
For washing of linen – Sensitive and Touch gel and conditioning rinse. They preserve the whiteness of white fabrics, and saturate with color dyed clothes. Wash at medium temperatures, making clothes soft to the touch and easy to iron.
For cleaning the house – cleaning and washing agents and sprays. Walls, floors, surfaces of household appliances and furniture, tiles and plumbing fixtures will acquire eco-cleanliness with VAILY agents.
Statistics confirm that more than a third of the population (35-40%) opt for environmentally friendly products. People strive for nature and its protection. Some can’t stand pungent smells. And most are simply worried about themselves, children, pets and generally refuse ordinary household chemicals. They are ready to rub and wash for hours, using natural folk remedies such as soap, soda, lemon, etc.
But now you can forget about it!
ECO-friendly household chemicals VAILY came to replace old-fashioned recipes!”