Dishwashing foam

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“New product of 2017! VAILY environmentally friendly household chemicals are products which will protect you from dirt, dust and germs every day! VAILY washing and cleaning agents: reliable and strong, delicate and safe at the same time. This is a high-tech eco-product for safe daily cleaning, which gives a feeling of complete harmony with nature! The VAILY eco-line is capable of creating for you an island of nature, an oasis of ecology and purity – ECO-cleanliness of your home!
Eco-products for washing dishes of the Vaily line means effective, safe, inexpensive household chemicals
New eco-products for washing dishes of the Vaily series means biodegradable household chemicals, safe for human health and harmless for the environment. It contains organic surfactants, citric acid, which enhances the “anti-grease” effect, glycerol, which protects and softens the hands skin.
Vaily eco-products instead of folk recipes and expensive foreign products
Previously, consumers who strictly adhered to the principles of “eco”, used folk remedies in the kitchen. But is it even possible to wash dishes clean and quickly with soda, mustard and soap? The requirements for environmentally friendly chemicals are high: they shall be delicate but effective, destroy microorganisms and dirt, but not irritate the skin. Some foreign companies began the production of organic detergents for the kitchen, but such products were too expensive.
Eco-agents for dishes from B&B “work” not worse than imported analogues, but cost much cheaper.
How can B&B environmentally friendly detergents be used?
Vaily foams are designed for all kinds of cookware, including non-stick pans, crystal, expensive art glass.
Environmentally friendly agents can be used to disinfect cutting boards and wash kitchen utensils.
They are safe for children’s accessories, suitable for washing fruits, berries, vegetables, greens.
The VAILY line of dishwashing detergents is represented by two products: Vaily Touch with a light pleasant fragrance and hypoallergenic Vaily Sensitive without perfumes.
Israeli scientists have developed a balanced formula with protective ingredients for Russian household chemicals. Even after long washing dishes with hot water, the skin will not dry up and irritation will not appear.
Vaily foams are easy to handle, economical to use, merciless to dirt, and gentle with your hands.”