Grease removers

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Unicum grease remover is a grease cleaning agent for kitchen
UNICUM grease removers are super-powerful and ultra quick agents to remove grease and carbon deposits from all kinds of stoves, ovens, non-stick cookware and other smooth water-resistant surfaces.
UNICUM grease removers act instantly, making the surfaces clean and shiny, they act even on chilled surfaces and wash off excellently.
UNICUM grease removers are produced in branded bottles with foam triggers. UNICUM – instantly clean!
UNICUM Gold и UNICUM are super-powerful and ultra quick agents to remove grease in the kitchen, for all types of stoves, ovens and other smooth surfaces:
UNICUM Gold grease remover acts instantly, ruthlessly dealing with greasy plaque and dirt, making kitchen surfaces clean and shiny. UNICUM Gold grease remover is produced in a handy spray format, which means that you can easily clean not only the horizontal surface of the stove, but also oven, tiles, hood grill, doors of kitchen cabinets and other greasy and soiled spots. UNICUM Gold grease remover is suitable for baking pans, saucepans and frying pans, and is easy to rinse off.
UNICUM grease remover for glass ceramic will help you easily remove grease and carbon deposits from the surfaces of all kinds of glass ceramic stoves, including induction ones, as well as from tiles, plastic and steel coatings. The agent leaves no scratches, gives shine and creates a protective layer on the surface of the stove, which facilitates further cleaning. Special UNICUM scraper for glass ceramic will make cleaning maximum efficient.
UNICUM foam for stoves and ovens will clean burnt fat without scratches from the dirtiest places: stoves, ovens, grills, grates, pots and pans.
Special anti-grease agent for non-stick coatings will get rid of contaminations from any surfaces, including Teflon, which is rather demanding.
UNICUM Gold grease remover for kitchen and UNICUM for glass ceramic in the PROFFESIONAL format means 3 liters of highly efficient cleaning agent in a convenient canister at a competitive price. The format is ideal for catering establishments and diligent housewives who remember that any agents in large packages are cheaper.
UNICUM Gold kitchen cleaning agent of instant action will facilitate kitchen cleaning and save much precious time, which we need so much to communicate with our loved ones, to play with children or to just have a rest. It is for this quality that the UNICUM Gold grease remover often receives the most flattering customer reviews.
Professional agents for kitchen can cope with any grease!”