Mopping agents

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Modern agents for cleaning and restoring the structure of the surface of floors and all types of waterproof coatings. The line has all the necessary agents for the main floor coverings, including those requiring special care: laminate, parquet. With regular use, a protective nanolayer is left on the treated surface that prevents subsequent contamination.
Unicum – instantly clean!
Mopping agents
It seems easy to keep the floors clean, but every kind of flooring has its own features. Tiles and linoleum are not so easy to clean to shine. Flooring can even tarnish if you chose an agent containing sodium hypochlorite.
The multi-purpose Unicum mopping agent manufactured by B&B will help you keep the house clean and preserve luster of the covering.
It effectively cleans the surface with no streaks.
Preserves luster of the covering.
Leaves a protective nanolayer.
Does not cause allergic reactions.
Disinfects the surface.
Is suitable for many types of flooring.
It has a pleasant, indistinct aroma.
It is consumed economically.
Professional mopping agents
If you want to tidy up a wooden floor, it is recommended to buy Unicum for mopping. This product will restore smoothness and luster of the surface.
Unicum liquid for laminate has some special properties. This cleaning agent can be used not only for mopping, but also as a polish: double action saves not only money but also time.
In large rooms, you cannot do without wet-and-dry vacuum cleaners, and this equipment requires special agents. The B&B Company took into account consumer demands and launched a separate Unicum cleaner for wet-and-dry vacuum cleaners.