Bathroom cleaning agents

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UNICUM bathroom cleaners. A line of agents which instantly provide shining cleanliness in the bathroom and lavatory. The category includes multi-purpose and special agents, for instance, for acrylic bathtubs and shower cabins, Jacuzzi, agents toilet bowl, as well as a special concentrated composition to remove mold and fungi. We would like to draw your attention to the new form of bottles of cleaning gels for toilet bowls – they are now made in full accordance with the company style of the B&B bottles. Unicum – instantly clean!
Clean bathroom with Unicum cleaning agents. Unicum bathroom cleaners
The Unicum line provides everything to ensure cleanliness in the bathroom! You will not need to buy detergents from other manufacturers. Use Unicum products to keep your bathroom bright, fresh and perfectly clean.
Clean bathtub shining as if new
To prevent surface tarnishing, choose bathroom cleaners considering the coating material. We have special and multi-purpose cleaners for cast-iron, ceramic and acrylic bathtubs, with a double effect formula:
remove traces of soap, rust and lime scale;
polish the surface, applying a protective layer.
Perfectly clean toilet bowl
The main cleaning components of preparations for toilet bowls are citric acid and sodium hypochlorite. The undoubted advantages of Unicum based on these components:
remove dirt;
effective against rust and uric scale;
gently affect all types of materials.
It is easy to achieve impeccable cleanliness with Unicum cleaning agents for bathroom!
Jacuzzi functions without any problems
The product for hot tubs and swimming pools shall be dissolved in water, and the water circulation system shall be turned on. In a few minutes, it gets rid of all undesirable dirt inside and on the surface of the bath, while the preparation:
is odorless;
is easy to wash off;
leaves no streaks.
Owners of jacuzzi know how many bacteria and fungi accumulate in the system pipes. Purchase Unicum agents and you will forget about problems!
Walls and floor in perfect order
In the Unicum line for bathroom cleaning, you will find agents for tile walls and floors, polymer coatings of plumbing fixtures, rubber mats. Unicum will get rid of fungi, mold, plaque and stains in just a few minutes and without much effort.
Unicum bathroom cleaners will help keep all corners of the bathroom in perfect order.