UNICUM Toilet bowl cleaning agent “Lemon” 750 ml

  • thick gel based on citric acid
  • removes dirt, scale and rust
  • delicate antibacterial agent

Volume: 750 ml
Quantity per pack: 12 pcs



New formula + thick gel with natural citric acid

Cost-effective and efficient!

Thick toilet bowl cleaning gel based on citric acid. Highly effective delicate agent for cleaning faience, porcelain and ceramic equipment of bathrooms and lavatories, bidets, sinks, tiles and plastic coatings. The agent instantly removes limescale, rust, uric scale, removes odors, prevents the growth of pathogenic microflora, gives shine and leaves a protective layer that prevents subsequent contamination. Completely removes lime, scale, mold, old stains, dirt from the surface and gives it shine for a long time.