Carpet cleaning agents

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“A progressive line of effective concentrated cleaners for a comprehensive care of furniture and carpets. They have high washing and cleaning properties and an instant result, as well as protective qualities are noted with repeated use of the agents. Unicum carpet cleaners are successfully used in household and in professional cleaning activities. Unicum – instantly clean!
Carpet and upholstery cleanersBeautiful carpets and upholstered furniture actually conceal many unpleasant surprises, for example, the presence of dust mites. Neighborhood with these insects leads to allergic reactions, therefore, products with carpeted coatings require thorough cleaning.
Carpet and upholstery cleaner is suitable both for items made from synthetic materials, and from natural ones.
The B&B Company offers two types of cleaning agents for carpets and upholstered furniture:
unique foam concentrated cleaner;
modern concentrated spray.
Unicum performs 3 functions:
removes contaminations;
neutralizes odors.
Carefully selected formulas of professional agents for cleaning of carpets and sofas allow to remove even stubborn stains. Carpets made of natural fibers require more careful handling and Unicum perfectly copes with this.
Unicum carpet cleaner is successfully used in household and in professional cleaning activities.