UNICUM Cleaning agent for handwashing of carpets and upholstery 480 ml.

  • ideal for manual cleaning of carpets
  • generates an active detergent foam
  • intensively cleans stains and grease

Volume: 480 ml
Quantity per pack: 12 pcs

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“We present you a new development of our plant:
Foam concentrate cleaner for manual cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture.

Instantly cleans natural and synthetic carpets from all types of household contaminants
Does not contain bleach based on active chlorine or peroxides
Forms a rich active foam
Neutralizes odors and dust mites
Is 2 or more times cheaper than imported analogues with the same quality

Purified water, anionic surfactant 5-15%, amphoteric surfactant <5%, solvents, Tetrasodium EDTA salt, optical bleaching agent, perfume, preservative.
Method of application:
Thoroughly vacuum the surface to be cleaned. Mix 1 part of the product and 9 parts of warm clean water. Whip up a rich foam, apply the foam with a sponge or brush. Rub the foam on the surface. Additionally wipe stubborn dirt and stains with a sponge moistened with the product. After complete drying, vacuum the surface. During drying, it is recommended to minimize the contact with the surface to be cleaned. To improve the quality of cleaning and quicken drying (especially for long-piled carpets), it is recommended to wipe the carpet with disposable synthetic wipes or microfiber dusters.”