Glass cleaners

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“Highly efficient products for gentle cleaning of smooth and shiny surfaces with no scratches or streaks – glass, mirrors, plastic, tile, stainless steel and other types of waterproof materials and coatings. The line includes both traditional and unique agents, for example, agent for non-contact washing of chandeliers and premium agent Silicate, which, due to a special composition and glass polishing, keeps the windows clean longer than regular means. Unicum – instantly clean!
To make windows cleaning procedure quick and effortless, it suffices to purchase a professional agent which is handy and leaves no streaks. The series for glass surfaces includes:
Unicum cleaning agent for windows, mirrors and plastic;
Unicum Siliconе.
Professional agent Unique Silicone is distinguished by additional protection against dust and by giving shine, which persists for a long time after cleaning.
5 reasons to buy Unicum window cleaner
It effectively cleans and degreases the surface, removing dirt, smudges, fingerprints without leaving streaks.
It leaves an antistatic layer on the surface which prevents from further dust settling.
Solutions for window cleaning are multi-purpose: they can be used to clean furniture made of glass, plastic surfaces, including PVC window frames, mirrors, tiles in the kitchen and lavatory, interior items made of stainless steel.
Handy to apply: the spray bottle ensures an even agent spreading and its economical use.
No rinse: according to the instructions, it suffices to remove the excess with an absorbent cloth.
Due to Unicum cleaning agents for plastic windows, cleaning has become much safer. There is no more need to climb the windowsills and get back down several times, putting yourself in danger of slipping on the spilt water.
Cleaning agents for plastic windows are approved by environmental inspections and allergists, do not cause harm with occasional use.”