UNICUM Silicone Cleaning spray for mirrors, glass and plastic. 500 ml

  • protects the surface
  • creates a protective layer
  • no streaks
  • gives shine

Volume: 500 ml.
Quantity per pack: 12 pcs

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A new improved formula for glass, mirror and plastic surfaces. Due to innovative additives, it has unique properties, forms a durable water-repellent layer, protects the surface, extends its service life. Dirt-repellent additives prevent the deposition of dust, atmospheric contaminants, slow down the formation of limescale. The product contains special active substances with the surfaces anti-fogging effect. Does not leave streaks, spreads easily, makes the surface clean and shiny for a long time.
Composition: Demineralised water, isopropanol 5-15%, solvent <5%, silicone emulsion, anionic surfactant <5%, functional additives, colorant, odorant, preservative, citronellol, linalool.