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“Unicum special agents are, as a rule, unique products. The flagship of this group is TORNADO. Its reactive action, capable of instantly dissolving the most complex blockages, obliges all the other agents to follow its example and nature. Unicum – instantly clean!
Novelty of the year, the first products in the new line of the UNICUM family are disinfectants. They allow to remove more than 99.9% of bacteria and to carry out disinfection of the house and things in the shortest possible time at a professional level. They do not contain chlorine and harmful additives, are safe for children and animals
Multi-purpose agent for cleaning
Multi-purpose Unicum cleaning agents are wonder-agents which combine in themselves the capability of removing dirt of any nature and a gentle action upon any surfaces.
Unicum agents are designed for complex tasks:
wash, clean, remove dirt;
restore the appearance;
leave a protective layer.
Unicum – products of a professional level. With multi-purpose cleaning agents, you will save time, efforts and money.
Unicum multi-purpose cleaning agent from the PROFESSIONAL series for professionals is produced in large containers. Household and industrial cleaning agents for premises cope with all kinds of contaminations, remove odors, and restore the appearance. These are highly efficient concentrated agents:
for all kinds of hard surfaces;
for carpets, upholstered and leather furniture;
for hand washing of any dishes;
for removal of construction dirt after repair works;
for non-contact cleaning of chandeliers.
Everything for house cleaning
Unicum multi-purpose cleaning agents are designed to wash any surfaces with one composition. Handy spray spreads the agent evenly and economically.
You can wash anything with it. B&B produces several means for daily cleaning of certain corners of your housing – for house, for kitchen, for bathroom. It is suitable for external and internal surfaces of furniture and appliances.
To wash various surfaces. The company has developed liquids and creams for furniture, monitors and bodies of electrical appliances, for a delicate cleaning of leather items.
For certain kinds of contamination, for instance, for scale, rust and plaque of metal oxidation.
Hygiene products – liquid soap.
The power of preparations is achieved due to a unique formula of detergent components. Read carefully the instructions on the package, ensure your own safety, use gloves if required. Unicum takes on everything else – You will love the result!”