UNICUM Grease remover Grizzly without a chemical smell

  • sensation in household chemicals extremely strong grease remover
  • no chemical smell –  mint scent instead of the smell of chemicals
  • foam trigger

Volume: 500 ml.

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5th generation grease remover! SENSATION and DISCOVERY of the YEAR!
The new GRIZZLY grease remover kept all the advantages and cleaning qualities of the most popular grease remover UNICUM GOLD:

Patented formula for instant fat breakdown
The maximum activity of the surfactants, 30-40% higher than in competitors’ products
Excellent cleaning properties, allowing you to instantly remove any dirt: burnt fat, oil, carbon, etc.
Instant rinsability from the surface within a few seconds
100% safe when used in compliance with all operating rules


And acquired additional super new properties and qualities which other UNICUM and competitors’ fat removers do not have:

Own unique system of chemical odor suppression
Additives – modifiers of the European production to strengthen washing properties
Special washing additive made in Germany with its own smell “MINT”.
Synergic* technology of formula action for fat removal and chemical smell suppression system.
Foaming trigger to enhance detergent properties and save the product

The new formula for removing fat in the kitchen without the smell of chemistry is the quintessence of the “B&B Family Company” scientific thought of more than 20 years!
The formula is based on the best developments of Russian and Israeli scientists. The main components which allowed to effectively suppress the unpleasant chemical smell and replace it with a pleasant smell of mint, are ultramodern modifier-additives of European production. At the same time, the mint aroma is the proper smell of one of the modifier-additives, and not an allergenic fragrance that is usually used! New formula + active foam increased strength, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and rapid action in removing fat. And the most important: they saved housewives from the acute unpleasant smell of chemistry forever!