UNICUM Multi-purpose concentrate liquid detergent

  • Washes off any fabric
  • Perfectly removes stains
  • Preserves color and structure of the fabric

Volume: 750 ml
Quantity per pack: 12 pcs

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Laundry detergent: Multi-purpose super concentrate liquid detergent. Product with reduced foaming for gentle automatic and hand washing, for all types of fabrics. Economical consumption. When regularly washed with the product, the clothes preserve their original look, fabric texture and color.

Enzymatic stain removal system
Neutral рН

Methods of application::
Recommended washing temperature +30…+90 °С.

When hand washing, dilute 1 cap (30 ml) of the product in 10 liters of water.
When washing in the activator type machine or the automatic machine, pour 1.5 cap of detergent (45 ml) per 4-5 kg of linen into the main wash compartment or in the drum (prior to loading the linen).

For strong contaminations and when washing in hard water, increase the dose by 1.5 times.
To remove stains before the main wash, turn on the pre-wash or soak mode for 30 minutes at 30-40 °C. To wash delicate and woolen fabrics use “UNICUM” Gel for delicate washing.
For best results after the main wash, use the “UNICUM” conditioning rinse.

Precautions. Keep closed, under temperature +5…+30 °С, out of the reach of children, away from heating appliances and direct sunlight, away from food. In contact with the mucous membranes, rinse with plenty of water. When hand washing, avoid prolonged contact of undiluted product with the skin. Do not swallow. Use strictly as directed. After the expiry date, dispose of as household waste.
Composition: purified water, anionic surfactant 5-15%, nonionic surfactant 5-15%, potash soap 5-15%, enzymes ≤5%, optical bleaching agent ≤5%, odorant ≤5%,  colorant ≤5%, preservative ≤5%.