SUPER Dusters for floor

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“Non-woven SUPER Dusters and wipes are in-house development of our factory. Rags and wipes in a roll with tear-off sheets are a trend – a modern, professional and practical approach to cleaning. Multi-colored, various embossing and sizes, for any surfaces and requirements. Today we are leaders in the segment and in the rating of “Best rags in a roll”
Rags for washing the floor are not a trifle
Only those who do not care about the result consider a rag for the floor as a trifle, not worthy of attention. Housewives, who are used to achieving perfect cleanliness, choose mop rags carefully and opt for Unicum products.
To buy a Premium duster for floor washing means to ensure a perfect result of daily cleaning.
Our company works on Israeli raw materials and recipes, uses modern Israeli technologies, offering products of high consumer properties. Durability, efficiency, safety – these are the main indicators of our products.
Duster for floor washing in the packaging of UNICUM series:
gets wet quickly and is wrung-out well;
collects moisture to dryness;
no streaks;
does not discolor;
does not lose its shape;
serves for a long time.
We offer floor cleaning dusters in 1 and 2 pieces per pack.
SUPER floor duster and its properties
Viscose and polyester are components of non-woven cloth of the duster.
Viscose is a fiber obtained from wood, characterized by strength and durability. When wet, it becomes even stronger.
Polyester increases softness and the ability to absorb moisture without letting it pass through the fabric. After wringing-out, it seems that the cloth is completely dry.
Soft material is stitched to increase hygroscopy.
SUPER Duster does not let you down. It is particularly needed in a family with children and pets, when you need to wash and wipe dry the floor several times a day quickly and efficiently.
Usage tip: do not expose the cloth to boiling water – very hot water reduces its super-properties.”