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“The SUPER Dusters series from the B&B Company
Only washing and cleaning agents are not enough to maintain cleanliness in the house – they need to be applied to the contaminated surface with something! Previously, cleaning wool was used for such purposes, but it absorbs too much expensive cleaning agent, and often leaves traces or lint. Fortunately, modern industry has given us not only high-quality household chemicals, but also cleaning wipes made of unique materials which can reduce the cleaning time to a minimum!
An example of such wipes can rightfully be SUPER Dusters made of a unique material Aerleyd, which perfectly absorb moisture, dirt and grease in a matter of seconds. The special texture of the material allows not only to qualitatively clean the surface, but also to polish it to luster. Such wipes are very durable and reusable.
Unicum SUPER duster
Besides of multi-purpose dusters, our company produces wipes from various types of microfiber – for cleaning of furniture and wooden surfaces, glass, plastic, acrylic. UNICUM wipes for kitchen help cope with fat, food remnants and other specific contaminations quickly and without any fuss, and rolled disposable towels will be useful for busy modern housewives who care about hygiene, and are not ready to spend extra time and efforts on washing kitchen towels.
Many types of dusters for all occasions
Wipes for office equipment will provide high-quality and delicate care for office and household equipment, taking into account its features.
Wipes for cleaning the bathroom will not leave any trace of moisture.
Special rags for the floor, designed with the characteristics of various floor coverings in mind, will make treatment easy and pleasant, both for low-maintenance linoleum and demanding parquet.
Wipes for car care will help keep the interior of the iron horse clean. The driver cannot do without disposable cleaning wipes – you don’t always have a possibility to wash your hands in a trip.
Wet wipes for hands are also necessary for young children’s parents, because the cleanliness of little hands is always important – for a walk, while sculpting or drawing, at a party or clinic.