Kitchen is a place in the house which must be kept clean for many reasons. On the one hand, it is here that food is cooked, its quality and health of those for whom it is prepared directly depends on how clean it is around the kitchen. On the other hand, we eat in the kitchen, and appetite of the family members also depends on how clean it is in the room. And besides, such is the custom in our small apartments – kitchen is the place where the whole family gather together at least once a day, or even more often.
On the third hand, keeping cleanliness in the kitchen is probably harder than in the rest of the house. No matter how hard you try wiping the floor and surfaces, contaminations appear anyway: the whole process of cooking is continuous, so stove, sink, countertops and even cupboard doors in the kitchen will inevitable get soiled.
Clean kitchen with no extra efforts
Who to keep it clean in this situation? There is only one way out: to clean regularly and often. Yes, cleaning the kitchen is not the most pleasant occupation, but, unquestionably, a necessary one. If kitchen is neglected, a thick layer of dirt will grow in just a few days, so that it would be rather difficult to restore its initial cleanliness. Especially since routine cleaning is not as scary as it seems. You shall have a clear plan of actions and possess everything necessary: sponge, rag, some microfiber dusters; also remember about rubber gloves – they will protect you hands skin against aggressive components of detergents, and of course, you shall have a cleaning agent which will quickly remove dirt.
Choosing kitchen cleaners
Choosing a kitchen cleaner is an important task. Nowadays, the range of washing and cleaning agents is rather vast: special agent for floors and walls, shelves and cabinets, refrigerators and ovens, stoves and hoods, creams for chrome plated surfaces and kitchen utensils, stain removing sprays. Not to mention “folk assistants”, such as soda, vinegar and citric acid. This whole arsenal shall necessarily be in every house, because, according to advertisements, they are absolutely essential. Of course, you can spend some money and buy the entire range of products in a household store, but you can also use Unicum MULTY multi-purpose kitchen cleaner, which is exactly what sparing housewives do. It is suitable for any kitchen surfaces, does not damage them, perfectly removes dirt and disinfects, leaves a protective layer and prevents further growth of malignant bacteria and fungi. There is no more need to puzzle your head over suitability of a certain powder or gel for washing of cabinets or fridge surfaces. The multi-purpose kitchen cleaner will help you in any situation from the very beginning of the cleaning and up till its very end. Thus, you will not only cope with daily contaminations, but also spare your time and money.
Cleaning the kitchen: procedure and tricks
What shall we begin with when cleaning the kitchen? First of all, we have to ensure cleanliness of working surfaces and kitchen cabinets. The cabinets and shelves shall be washed from the outside and from the inside – first walls and shelves, then doors and handles. Unicum MULTY multi-purpose agent is suitable both for plastic and wooden coatings, so you don’t have to worry about ruining, swelling or tarnishing of the surface. Cabinets shall be cleaned monthly, and working surfaces – daily.  When they are clean, you can proceed with the walls and back splash. The most convenient method of cleaning them is with a microfiber wiper and the multi-purpose agent diluted in warm water. As a result, on the walls and on the tiles, there will be no stains, even the oily ones, and no streaks. The frequency of cleaning walls and back splash depends on their contamination degree: back splash is recommended to clean every day or every other day, as it takes on most of the splashes of water and grease. Kitchen walls beyond the working area can be cleaned every month or every other month.
Life hack: in the case of stubborn stains on the table or cupboard door surface, spray them with the agent or apply a napkin moistened with the agent for a few minutes. This would suffice to dissolve the stain and remove it without extra efforts.
The next step is cleaning dirt and dust off the surfaces of household appliances. Over time, microwave oven or toaster inevitably become covered with a layer of grease and dust, so they need to be wiped from time to time, without waiting for the dirt to accumulate. The refrigerator and all its shelves and boxes also require regular cleaning. To make it radiant clean and without unpleasant odors, you need to regularly, every two or three weeks, wash the shelves, the inner and outer surfaces of the refrigerator, as well as constantly monitor the condition and shelf life of products in it.
Every time you cook, the tiniest droplets of steam and fat settle on the stove and oven, as well as on the surface of the hood. You have to clean them every couple of days; the door of the microwave oven, the outer surface of the stove and walls of the hood are usually cleaned rarer – every 1-2 weeks.
Life hack: If some burnt food is left on the surface of the stove (the most often this happens when milk, coffee or soups boil over), it is better not to scrape it with an effort, otherwise the stove can be damaged. First, you need to wet the burnt stain (the best way to do it is to apply a rag moistened with water). In 15 minutes, wipe it with a duster, and thus the main part of soot will remain on it. Then apply the Unicum MULTY agent on the stain and leave it for 15 more minutes. Then remove the remaining dirt with a wet napkin.
The last thing to wash in the kitchen is sink, Unicum MULTY is also suitable for it. It will easily cope with grease and soap plaque and restore cleanliness and shine of the sink. The agent is safe for stainless steel, enamel and ceramic sinks.
In the end, the floor is washed, and Unicum MULTY diluted in water also can be used for this purpose.
Life hack: Start washing the kitchen floor with wiping the baseboards and hard-to-reach corners with a napkin moistened with the multi-purpose agent. Dust and dirt are accumulated there foremost, and they cannot be removed with a mop.
Yes, every month or every other month you will have to shake out all the cabinets, wipe the lampshade and wash the curtains. But at the same time, you wouldn’t need to scrape a thick layer of burnt fat from the stove and to rub stubborn stains off the tiles.
Constant kitchen cleaning with the Unicum MULTY multi-purpose agent will take as little time as possible, thus allowing you to spare your time, money and efforts for thorough cleaning.