Cotico-baby Conditioning rinse for children’s clothes


  • Neutralizes washing detergent residues
  • Fiber protection and softening system
  • Removes static electricity
  • Based on water of double purification treated with UV light
  • Free of phosphates and colorants.

“Concentrated conditioning rinse for all types of fabrics gives clothes a unique softness and freshness, removes static electricity, facilitates ironing. Suitable for machine and hand wash, easy to wash out when rinsing.

Keep closed, under temperature +5…+30 °С, out of the reach of children, away from heating appliances and direct sunlight, away from food. In contact with the mucous membranes or eyes, rinse with plenty of water. When hand washing, avoid prolonged contact of undiluted product with the skin. Do not swallow. Use strictly as directed. After the expiry date, dispose of as household waste.
purified water > 30%, cationic surfactant 5-15%, glycerol < 5%, hypoallergenic odorant < 5%, preservative < 5%.”

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1 l, 1л doy-pack, 2 l