Liquid detergent

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“Washing with Cotico gels
The series of Cotico concentrated gels is a new offer from the B&B Company. Compared to powders, liquid gels instantly dissolve in water, leave no dust, are easy to dose, penetrate deeply into the fabric texture.
General characteristics of all Cotico gels:
phosphate-free composition based on natural surfactants and potash soap;
gentle action on the fabric;
good performance at low temperatures of wash;
reduced foaming;
for hand and machine wash;
economical consumption.
Cotico gel, specialized by fabric color
Do not rush to buy only a multi-purpose cleaning agent –it does not have same advantages as specialized gels.
Liquid detergent for white and bright linen has a bleaching effect.
Liquid detergent for black linen will net let black dye discolor to grey hues.
Liquid detergent for colored linen preserves dyes without letting them mix.
You have an opportunity to buy Cotico liquid detergent for colored fabrics in a bottle or doypack. Use it for washing of all colored items and the ones which can discolor. When regularly using Cotico gels, clothes will retain their original brightness.
Cotico gels specialized by fabrics types
For sportswear
The emergence of new sports entails the emergence of new clothes, new fabrics and, as a result, new agents for washing. Cotico offers a modern liquid detergent for sportswear and shoes made of innovative materials. The gel washes clothes made of microfiber, polyester, membrane materials, neoprene.
For delicate fabrics
Cotico liquid detergent for wool and silk will leave wool items fluffy, and silk scarves flowy. Entrust lace, guipure, satin and nylon with it.
Multi-purpose gel washes everything
Whichever specialized gel you choose, it will be right to buy a multi-purpose liquid detergent Cotico, too. It is super concentrated, suitable for any wash, which means that it is powerful and economical.”