VAILY household eco-friendly detergents launched an active attack on the shelves in the country’s hypermarkets!  VAILY appeared in the “Tvoy Dom” (Your House) hypermarkets network in June, where it looks very worthy and winning among well-known competitors in the market of household eco-friendly and pseudo-eco-friendly chemicals.
Translucent matte cosmetic bottles and very delicate colors of labels focus the consumers’ attention on the environmentally friendly products of Israeli quality! The exterior of the packaging and ECO labels clearly inform about the safety and environmental friendliness of products, and the outstanding design and color favorably distance them from competitors and highlight the products on the shelf.
Along with a modern European design and unique formulae, the VAILY line is distinguished by an ideal price-quality-efficiency ratio. VALY is rapidly gaining sales turnover and has a stable growth in demand. It is worth thinking about mutually beneficial cooperation even today!
VAILY – ECO cleanliness of your house!