TM Unicum was declared the winner of the national voting for the BRAND No. 1 in Russia according to the results of the annual voting in the category of “Kitchen Cleaner”.
The annual “Brand No. 1 in Russia” consumer trust award has existed since 1998 and has been recognized as the most significant system for evaluating brand awareness and customer confidence in them in the domestic market.
The categories of the Contest are carefully selected on the basis of research on the consumer market, media preferences and lifestyle of Russians in such a way that the products presented in the category would have an established brand, national distribution and are used by the majority of Russian residents.
From September 24 to October 22, 2018, buyers expressed their attitude to the manufacturers of various goods and companies providing services by filling out open questionnaires in electronic media and on the Facebook social network, indicating the names of the best of the best in them. This year, the audience reach on Facebook alone was 264,000 users.
Today, TM Unicum is the most recognizable brand in the market of cleaning agents due to an extensive and high-quality line of products for the kitchen and bathroom.
The press service of the B&B Family Company, which owns the Unicum brand, appealed to all participants of the voting with great gratitude for the high assessment:
“Dear friends, the company management thanks you for your trust. Our priorities have always been the QUALITY of products, their AVAILABILITY and the satisfaction of all the NEEDS of our customers in the fight for cleanliness. TM UNICUM is known by millions of our compatriots from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. We are proud that all products are manufactured in Russia, and today, thanks to you, we can officially declare: the level of Russian production in the segment of kitchen cleaners exceeds the foreign one, and the program of our Government on import substitution in this area has not only implementation, but also mass recognition”.
The award ceremony will be held on December 14, 2018 at the State Kremlin Palace before the New Year holidays in the format of a Gala concert with the participation of Russian pop stars.
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