InterBytChim B&B
   On March 14, the annual specialized exhibition “Interbytchim” finished its work, which is the central exhibition event for companies engaged in the production and sale of household chemicals, cleaning agents and detergents, laundry and personal-care products and related products.
  The B&B Company participates in the “Interbytchim” exhibition every year. Presentations, demonstration of new products and conclusion of contracts have become an unchanging tradition of the company. This year, the B&B Company presented development of Unicum unique household chemicals and novelties of the Cotico laundry series. The quality of the novelty was noted by all participants who visited the exhibition.
On the same day, the ceremony of awarding the contest winners for the best products “Crystal Lotus” was held. The “Best Clean” production company, part of the B&B Group of Companies, was awarded a diploma and a medal in the contest for the best product Unicum Gold Grease Remover and for the best washing gel Cotico.