We can’t wait sharing excellent news with you! A demanded supplement to the Vaily ECO line. The laundry and cleaning line is supplemented by products for dishwashers presented by 3-in-1 tablets, special salt and rinse aid.
Vaily phosphate-free combined tablets for dishwashers, 30 tablets ALL IN ONE – all functions in one tablet:  detergent + salt + rinse aid!
Environmentally friendly for you and your home
Suitable for children’s dishes
Special formula based on organic ingredients
No odorants
Effectively break down fats, wash off stubborn contaminations
No streaks, give shine to glass and metal dishes
Neutralize odors
Vaily dishwasher salt, 1000 g
100% environmentally friendly, natural and safe
Does not contain odorants or colorants
Improves the quality of dish washing
Extends the life of your dishwasher
Vaily rinse aid for dishwashers, 500 ml
Improves the structure of water, increases the speed and quality of detergent washout from the surface of the machine and dishes, is responsible for the shine of dishes and the absence of streaks after drying (condensation, intensive or turbo drying depending on the dishwasher type)
Prevents formation of crystalline precipitate
Protects against lime scale
Shining dishes without streaks
Easy drying of dishes in the machine
Free of phosphates and chlorine
You can be sure that Vaily products for dishwashers will have a success and a stable demand.