Dear friends, We summed up the results of the “Cleanliness in the house” September contest. We were extremely happy, because a lot of people responded and sent their feedbacks and photos with the B&B Unicum Gold Grease Remover.
We are glad to announce that we selected a winner with the most interesting review and a wonderful photo. The winners are Kuznetsov family from Moscow.
Good afternoon!
Our family discovered this agent from your company by our son’s request. He is 7. We were in the supermarket together, and when choosing a kitchen cleaner, I wondered, “What else shall we try?” And then our little son grabbed Unicum with the words “Wow… As black as a gun. A shoot, and you wipe”. So we bought it. We tried it out together, and we use it together. He sometimes even puts the gloves on – to check whether it worked. We even made bets for a chocolate. He won – he said it would work. I am very happy with the result – I’ve got two assistants in the kitchen now! 
You’ve earned the prize, and we share the winner’s photo with the gifts: