On June 9, the B&B Family Company took part in the “PavloDar-2017” charity event held in Pavlovo School. We have helped 10 severely ill children so that they have a future, an opportunity to become adults and make their dreams and hopes come true. What we spend is incomparable to what these courageous kids spend fighting the disease. May there pain be eased and their lives be happier!
Join in: bf-sozidanie.ru
Thank you so much for helping hold a very necessary charity event “PavloDar-2017”! Your help is as priceless, as is every child’s right to health and life!
Thanks to the support that you personally and the B&B Company provided to the “PavloDar-2017” action held on June 09 at Pavlovo School, we managed to raise a record high sum of 1,001,632 rubles, which will be used to treat 10 children with severe diseases! Thank you very much! We wish good luck, prosperity, and health to You and Your family!
Thank you for the opportunity to achieve a common goal together.
14 June 2017