Washing is an inevitable household chore. Clothes, bed sheets, kitchen towels and furniture covers shall be clean and not accumulate dust and dirt. Fortunately, the routine of modern housewives is well established: both washing machines and household chemicals significantly facilitate the task of keeping the linen clean. As a rule, washing powder or soap is used for washing. Soap is convenient for hand washing of small items, but is impractical for large volumes of linen. Therefore, washing powder is used most often. Modern powders wash off dirt well, including complex stains, and give linen a fresh aroma. However, they have a lot of disadvantages associated with their components.
Dangerous for health and environment
The basis of a modern washing powder is phosphates which are the main ingredients to ensure its high washing capability. Indeed, an effective powder must work “by itself”, without an additional mechanical impact, cleaning the dirt off linen. Washing machine just stirs the water helping the powder components penetrate fabric fibers. But phosphates are poorly rinsed off the washed linen and, therefore, easily come in contact with skin, thus causing itch and irritation, which, in case of predisposition to allergic diseases, can develop into chronic skin diseases: dermatitis and eczema. Penetrating human body through skin pores, phosphates accumulate and cause future development of chronic diseases and failures in the work of all body systems. Washing powders with phosphates and other potent surfactants are most dangerous for children’s and pregnant women’s health. Sensitive children’s skin is especially susceptible to their negative effects, which manifests itself almost immediately in the form of rashes and other allergic reactions.
In addition to washing powders, phosphates are also contained in already widespread gel-like laundry detergents, but besides of direct harm to humans, phosphates cause considerable damage to the environment. Together with waste water, they get into natural water reservoirs in large quantities, which leads to increased reproduction of blue-green algae. As a result, the level of nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide increases in the water, while oxygen, on the contrary, decreases, which leads to the mass death of fish, shellfish, aquatic plants, and sometimes the water reservoir itself.
ECO laundry – a safe alternative
Is there any alternative to washing with a conventional powder or gel? Yes, there is! Over recent years, ECO detergents which do not contain phosphates and surfactants, harmful to health and environment, are gaining popularity in European countries. The advantages of such means are undeniable: they do not contain components threatening human health or the environment. The B&B Company also keeps up with the times and has prepared the VAILY line of ECO agents, consisting of washing gels and conditioning rinse for linen. They do not contain phosphates or aggressive surfactants, which harm human health, causing cancer, allergies and reducing immunity. All VAILY agents are kosher and are distinguished by a high level of quality of Israeli cosmetics, since development thereof has been carried out not only in Russia, but also in Israel.
VAILY liquid detergent is suitable for all kinds of linen, including children’s. It has a high washing action, is based on purified water and vegetable components, is fully biodegradable and hypoallergenic. The advantage of liquid detergent over powder is also that it is completely washed out, does not stay in the fibers of fabrics, does not damage their structure and color. In addition, the gel is much more practical to use than the powder, which can get spilt or become damp when the package is poorly closed.  VAILY conditioning rinse also does not contain any phosphates, colorants, parabens or silicones. It gives clothes softness, refreshes the color, prevents pill forming and preserves the structure of fabrics.
Useful information and life hacks from B&B:
Stubborn dirt or stains? Wet the cloth with water, apply a small amount of VAILY gel to the most contaminated places, gently rubbing, and leave for half an hour to an hour. The active components of the product will begin to act, and contamination will easily be removed with further washing.
Delicate fabrics? You won’t need high temperatures: VAILY eco-friendly washing gel begins to act already at 30° and is suitable for both hand and machine wash. In addition, eco-friendly gel has the most gentle effect upon delicate fabrics: it does not deform them, leaves no pills on fluffy woolen clothes, does not fray lace and seams.
Discoloring? For many housewives, a significant obstacle for ECO washing is the fear of clothes discoloring. Indeed, salt and soda, which are popular among the admirers of natural household chemicals, lead to gradual discoloring. Using VAILY professional ECO chemicals, including conditioning rinse after the wash, will help you preserve the color brightness. Its task is not only to give the linen softness and aroma, but also to preserve its original color.
There is an alternative to washing with a conventional powder – high quality and effective ECO agents are already available for the Russian housewives. Washing gels and conditioners for linen have a strong cleaning effect, while not containing dangerous additives, and therefore do not harm human body and do not provoke allergic reactions. Washing with ECO agents is a healthy alternative to conventional laundry!