Modern lifestyle is impossible to imagine without laptops, smartphones and flat-screen TVs. “Touch screens” and “plasma” are embedded in human life so firmly that it is absolutely not clear how we used to live without all this. Screens of smartphones and LCD and LED TVs please us with the highest quality of the image and realism of the picture, and we in turn try to take thorough care of expensive equipment. It is rarely possible to avoid the appearance of fingerprints, dust, splashes and other dirt on the screen or monitor. This happens particularly often in families with children, although adults touch the surface of the screen or monitor now and then, too.
Before the advent of LCD monitors and TVs, it was much easier to cope with the removal of dust and dirt: it sufficed to wipe the screen with a damp soft cloth. Now, the cleaning rules have undergone significant changes. However, some people still treat maintaining the cleanliness of the LCD or LED screens the old-fashioned way: they wipe them with a damp cloth or cotton pads. This cannot but affect the state of equipment and its performance. For example, improper care of the screens of gadgets is one of the most frequent causes of gradual dimming of the image and loss of its clarity. And the popular “folk methods” which dazzle the Internet — rubbing the LCD screen or monitor with alcohol, soapy water, cologne, vinegar — can even provoke a permanent damage to the screen, after which it will only have to be replaced. For a lot of money, by the way.
How the screens of gadgets must not be treated?
Do you want the screen of your device to last long and work trouble-free? Never do this:
It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol and alcohol-containing products for treatment of LCD and LED screens, as they literally destroy the special anti-reflective coating that is available on all modern TVs and monitors. As a result, microcracks are formed on the entire surface of the screen, the screen loses its smoothness, and the image loses clarity.
Acetone, ammonia, as well as various glass and dishwashing detergents containing ammonia compounds, are also harmful to screens and monitors.
Powders, soda and other abrasives leave deep scratches on the delicate surface of LCD TVs, smartphones or computer screens.
There are quite coarse particles of wood fiber in the composition of paper napkins and towels. Visually and even to the touch, they are invisible, but their presence immediately affects the state of the screen: damage and scratches remain on it.
Wet sanitary wipes shall be used for their intended purpose, and not for LCD screens and monitors. The composition of the napkin impregnation is harmful to the equipment; in addition, they leave stains on the screens.
Cleaning the gadgets screens correctly — simple rules you need to know!
Before beginning to clean the screen of your favorite device, you have to disconnect the device from the mains. This is required by safety rules. In addition, on the dark, turned off screen traces of dirt, drops and fingerprints are visible much better
To remove dust and dirt from the screen, you shall use a lint-free cloth, since an ordinary cloth, even soft one, leaves a layer of small fibers on the screen. Special microfiber wipes are the most suitable for cleaning the screens of gadgets. They do not leave lint on the screen, but at the same time completely remove dust and other contaminants.
When wiping the screen, you must not press on it, scratch with your nails or duster, trying to rub the stain off. Such actions will bring nothing but damage to the anti-reflective layer and maybe even the screen itself.
To remove contaminants, dust, fingerprints, traces of water and grease from the screens and monitors of gadgets, only special means designed specially for such surfaces must be used. Unicum office equipment and screen cleaner is suitable for cleaning screens, monitors, office equipment, smartphone screens, as well as various types of glasses, such as ordinary ones with diopters, sunglasses, and 3D glasses. Unicum screen cleaner leaves no streaks, removes all types of contaminations, fingerprints, water, grease stains on screens. You don’t have to spray the product directly on the screen, it is applied to a microfiber cloth. It should be remembered that after applying the product to the napkin, it should be moist, but not wet: excess moisture, even if it is a special cleaning agent, is harmful to the appliance.
If a stain on the surface of the device does not disappear during normal wiping, you should briefly apply a moistened cloth to it, for just a minute. After that, the contamination will easily come off without additional friction, which can only spoil the gadget.
You can use the equipment again as soon as the monitor or screen is completely dry. Such cleaning of the screens of electronic gadgets is required approximately every three weeks or more often, as dust and dirt accumulate on their surface.
Life hacks:
The room in which the gadget is cleaned shall be well lit, so that all the spots on the screen would be visible. Otherwise, the quality of cleaning will leave much to be desired. By the way, in good lighting, not only spots and fingerprints are visible, but also streaks which remain if the surface of the gadget is not thoroughly dried after cleaning it with a special agent.
Dust is detrimental to the devices, so it is important to use for their cleaning namely Unicum special agent for screens: it not only copes with contaminations, but also has an antistatic effect. Due to it, after cleaning the gadget, the dust virtually does not settle on its surface. This is not only a guarantee of the device cleanliness, but also an important condition for its smooth operation.
Full-fledged care of office equipment is not only regular cleaning of the screen. All external panels of the gadget, especially the keyboard, also require cleaning. The best option is to use microfiber wipes, slightly moistened with an agent for cleaning electronic equipment. Crumbs and dust can be stuffed into the keyboard, it must be regularly cleaned with a special or ordinary vacuum cleaner with a slit-shaped nozzle.
Cleanliness of your favorite gadget is not only a matter of hygiene and attractive appearance, but also a guarantee of long trouble-free operation of your equipment.