The bathroom is considered to be one of the warmest and coziest places in the house, of course, if it is equipped with everything necessary and it is clean.  But not only humans like warmth. Unfortunately, it is the bathroom that becomes the most favorable place for bacteria growth, fungi and mold formation. This happens, in the first place, due to increased humidity, which is, unfortunately, inevitable in the bathroom. Every time you take a shower or do laundry, water condensate settles on the surface of the bathtub, on the walls, floor, ceiling, and especially in the tile seams. The ubiquitous spores of molds and fungi actively grow and develop under conditions of heat and moisture: mold appears in the corners and between the tiles. The situation is aggravated by the absence of windows in most bathrooms – ultraviolet, which comes with daylight, is detrimental to mold. However, it should be noted that ultraviolet does not pass through the usual window glass, so even if there is a window in the bathroom, but it is constantly closed, the mold will still feel great. Another factor contributing to the mold growth is poor air ventilation or a complete lack of it. It’s simple: if moist air stays in the bathroom, additional conditions for the growth of fungus colonies are created.
If necessary measures were not taken with the finishing works in the bathroom, such as treatment of surface with special antifungal compounds, the appearance of mold in the future is almost guaranteed.
Signs of mold
You can find out that fungus has appeared in the bathroom before an unaesthetic black coating covers the corners and seams between the tiles. The first thing to tell you that is an unpleasant musty smell, as if from a wet basement. After that, a specific plaque appears on the surfaces. By the way, it can be not only black, but also grey, greenish and even brown – it depends on the type of fungus that has occupied the bathroom. Mold has a high ability to adapt, it can choose brick coating, concrete or even painted surface to grow on. Unfortunately, it is not often possible to immediately notice the appearance of mold – fungus colonies can develop even under the tiles, and in this case, the invasion of uninvited guests can be found only by the specific smell.
How is mold dangerous?
The most dangerous mold is black one (in ancient Rome, for example, houses affected by black mold were burned to ashes);
Mold provokes a gradual destruction of building materials, which in the future can lead not only to the destruction of coatings, but even the collapse of load-bearing structures;
The appearance of the finish is significantly deteriorated;
Mold is of a great danger to human health, as its spores easily penetrate the lungs, provoking allergic reactions, asthma and many other diseases, including cancer.
Handy tips and life hacks from B&B:
you need to install good ventilation in the bathroom. And in order for ventilation to be effective, you must remember to leave the bathroom door open after showering or doing laundry;
a towel dryer shall work in the bathroom, or a radiator would be even better – they will dry the air, which will avoid excessive moisture accumulation;
condensate must be removed as soon as it appeared, using a soft cloth;
the seams between the sink, bath or shower cabin and the wall must be carefully treated with a sealant, which will not allow moisture to accumulate in them and, therefore, will not allow mold colonies to grow;
the leaking faucet needs to be repaired immediately;
after washing, it is better to dry clothes on the balcony or outside. Wet linen in the bathroom will only contribute to the growth of mold;
regular and thorough cleaning of the bathroom is important, and this applies not only to walls, surfaces, shelves, but also to such details as a cup for toothbrushes. There’s always some water on its bottom, and this can lead to mold growth.
How to say good bye to mold if it already exists?
If the mold appeared anyway, then a simple cleaning will not be enough to get rid of it:  special mold removers will be needed. Most chemical mold removers are very aggressive agents, which explains their effectiveness. And this aggression is aimed not only at merciless killing of fungus colonies, but also has a negative effect upon human body. Phosphates, chlorides, and other highly toxic chemical compounds penetrate human body, accumulate, provoke allergic reactions, asthma, diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system.  We recommend you a proven safe product to fight mold in the bathroom – UNICUM. It removes all kinds of mold quickly and effectively and prevents its further appearance. A handy format of spray with pulverizer ensures that the agent gets into all hard-to-reach places, and a carefully selected composition allows using it without harming health of your family members.
There is no place for mold in your house! Methods to prevent and fight fungus will help you remove the existing colonies and prevent the appearance of the new species.