Polished furniture is always in fashion, regardless of time, style or trends – it always looks presentable and easily fits into any interior. But polished furniture is demanding and requires heightened attention, just like a beautiful lady.
The tiniest stains and scratches become visible on its surface immediately. And a microscratches net, which can appear on the surface of such furniture due to improper care, may cause its tarnishing. Furniture with polished coating is quite sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity in the premises. In humid premises, stains appear on the polished surfaces and they tarnish. The sunlight is also harmful for polished furniture: ultraviolet rays cause irreversible changes. Increased temperature in the premises also causes a net of tiny cracks on the polished surface, since wood gets dry and shrinks. Therefore, it is highly undesirable to place polished furniture by heating radiators or balcony doors and windows, which are often open. The polished surface also ruins in contact with water, solvents or a hot object.
Care for furniture with polished surface
Care for polished furniture is rather tiresome, since the tiniest dust particles and stains are instantly visible on its mirror-smooth surface, which requires daily cleaning. It is recommended to wipe polished furniture surfaces with a soft cloth, such as microfiber. Napkins of this fiber will neatly collect the dust with no scratches or streaks on the surface.
Wet cloth shall not be used for removing dirt and dust from polished furniture, since it causes streaks, tarnishing, and the surface can even begin to exfoliate.
 What is used and what shall be used for cleaning?
 There are many folk methods to remove stains and give luster to polished furniture, but most of them are not safe and practical. Of course, you can potter about heating the beer, making a solution of oil, iodine or gasoline, but who will guarantee you that furniture surface will not be permanently damaged? Some of these recipes aren’t bad for old furniture, for example, using paraffin to restore smoothness of wooden surface covered with cracks. However, paraffin may be dangerous for integral polished surface, and besides, it doesn’t provide the necessary luster.
It is much better, safer and more effective to use the Unicum agent for furniture polish. It will remove greasy stains and streaks from the surface quickly and effectively, as well as give it shine, since it contains real Carnauba wax!  Handy spray format allows to apply the agent on the whole surface. After cleaning, the thinnest layer will remain on the surface, which prevents dust settling.
Life hacks for housewives:
in order not to bother yourself with removing stains from water and drinks in the future, moisture shall be removed from polished furniture immediately, without letting it dry. If there is no microfiber cloth within easy reach, you can do it with any paper napkin or towel;
dried stains from liquid or grease shall be sprinkled with polishing agent and left for 30 seconds for exposure. Then wipe the stain with a napkin softy, without applying force. You must not scratch or try to scrape the stain – it will only leave scratches on the polish;
the sunlight not only ruins the polish itself. Under the light rays, every dust particle is clearly visible, and even if the most thorough daily cleaning is done, furniture will still look untidy. Sun and polished furniture are not the best friends, therefore, it’s better to either move the furniture or not to forget to close the curtains in time, protecting the room from excess light;
the right choice of furniture plays a big role. Of course, it should fit into the interior and be combined with the surroundings. However, when choosing polished furniture items, the intensity of its further use shall be taken into account. The darker the furniture surface, the more noticeable even the smallest fingerprints and defects are visible on it, hence, you will have to wipe such furniture more often. Light polished furniture looks good under artificial lighting and contamination is virtually invisible on it (except for white furniture);
dust not only makes the furniture surface dirty and untouchable, but also destroys valuable varnish coating.  Unicum furniture polish contains antistatic components; with its regular use, dust settles on the furniture surface much less. This allows not only to reduce the frequency of cleaning, but also to extend the life of the furniture.
Despite the fact that quite thorough care is required for such furniture, it does not lose its popularity. And it’s wonderful! Modern care products and high-tech microfiber cloths ensure a long and effective service life of the furniture, and it remains a true decoration of the house.