Bathroom is a place in the house which must always be clean. The main purpose of this premises is the most trivial: we wash our bodies in the bathroom. Perhaps all would agree that this notion has a wider meaning. It is the bathroom where you can relax after work, enjoying the warm water and fragrant foam. You can arrange a real sea battle with children here or refill yourself with vigor before an eventful day. It brings pleasure even to just enter a clean fragrant bathroom, so there is no place for dirt, mold, soap plaque and rust in here!
These days, progress has vastly advanced, and it has become not so difficult to keep the bathroom clean as our grandmothers and mothers had it. They had to scrub the walls, tiles, sink, bathtub and other plumbing fixtures with the products which were just available and not always effective – most often, soda and hard soap. Now, household chemicals manufacturers are offering the whole series of products created specially for bathroom cleaning. Tiled walls are offered to be cleaned with a special spray, bathtub and plumbing fixtures – with a cream, and a third agent for the floor; and all of the products in such sets are necessary. Of course, such a wide range of specialized household chemicals facilitate cleaning significantly and releases pretty much time for the housewife, but are all the bathroom cleaners safe for family members?
Toxic chemicals or grandmother’s recipes?
The secret of high effectiveness of the most conventional means is that their composition includes a large amount of phosphates, potent surfactants, chlorine and other chemicals, which not only break up and remove contaminations, but easily penetrate human body too. Of course, if you use the product for its intended purpose and with the recommended protection measures (for example, rubber gloves), only a minimum of hazardous substances will enter the body, but even a minimum amount may be unsafe for health. First, accumulating in the body, toxic chemicals have a detrimental effect on the immune system, affect the liver, lungs, kidneys, brain, some of them can even provoke cancer. Secondly, even a small amount of some substances can cause allergic reactions. Special danger is posed by the usual household chemicals for children and expectant mothers, for people suffering from bronchial asthma, allergic and endocrine diseases. Therefore, the housewives’ wish to cope with cleaning the bathroom without the use of phosphates and surfactants is quite natural.
Is there any alternative to aggressive household chemicals, but also the same effective, so that walls, tiles, bathtub and plumbing fixtures would shine with cleanliness, but without any hazard to family members? Internet forums are full of folk recipes: same old soda, lemon, mustard and hard soap, sometimes aspirin, boric acid and ammonia. Unfortunately, such methods are either unsafe (for example, using ammonia) or inefficient.
A safe alternative
Nevertheless, there is a solution – using environmentally-friendly bathroom cleaners. Many people have heard about the new trend in household chemicals:  The Eco prefix increasingly often appears on cleaning products, but, unfortunately, its appearance is not always justified. Indeed, ‘eco chemicals’ from dishonest manufacturers quite often contains the same old phosphates and chlorides, so you have to choose such products carefully. We recommend you a line of environmentally friendly products named VAILY, which do not contain chlorine, phosphates, are fully biodegradable and hypoallergenic, kosher, and meet the high quality level of Israeli cosmetics. You would no longer need the whole arsenal of various products for different surfaces to clean the bathroom. VAILY multi-purpose eco-spray for surface cleaning will easily replace them all. It is suitable for cleaning any surface, and at the same time, it leaves no traces or residues. VAILY Special eco-friendly cleaning agent for plumbing fixtures will be a perfect supplement – it will easily eliminate soap plaque on the walls of bathtub, shower cabin and sink, remove lime scale and rust, give a shine to plumbing fixtures with no scratches. Foam spray helps apply the product without a harmful aerosol cloud. The composition includes exclusively natural vegetable acids, and the product has a pleasant fragrance, which is important when cleaning bathroom, a room with a limited space.
Useful information and life hacks from B&B:
Cleaning in the bathroom should be started following a simple rule: wash and clean from top to bottom and from inside to outside. So, first you clean the interior of cabinets and put things in order, then comes the external surface, open shelves, mirrors and walls, and then you proceed with the sink, bathtub or shower cabin, also cleaning their inner side first.
After cleaning and after every use of bathtub or shower cabin, it is recommended to wipe the wet surface dry with a soft napkin – this will significantly decrease time spent for the next cleaning.
Here is an optimal cleaning formula: bathtub, shower cabin, sink, toilet bowl, mirror and the shelf under it are recommended to wash weekly; walls and cabinets need to be cleaned monthly.
Regular ECO cleaning in bathroom will help keep it clean with no harm to the housewife’s or the family members’ health. High quality products of natural components in VAILY ECO series will be your best assistants in this.