Kitchen is one of those places in the apartment which require a constant cleanliness control. Of course, regular, monthly and weekly thorough cleanings play a big part, but without daily wiping, the kitchen will quickly become covered with a sticky greasy dirt. It would be irrelevant to talk about coziness, hygiene and pleasure of cooking or having a meal in such a kitchen.
Nobody would argue with the fact that we have to constantly keep it clean. However, most part of housewives unalterably complain that they simply do not have enough time for household chores. Busyness of a modern person is enormous; in the stressful daily schedule, it is hardly possible to find some time for cooking dinner or a cup of morning coffee, and cleaning, as a rule, is scheduled for the weekend. As a result, the kitchen surfaces accumulate dirt over the week, and you have to spend your rightful days of rest cleaning it. Even having a dishwasher or learning the secrets of time management is not able to fundamentally change the order of things. All that is left to do is to firmly take control of this situation and persistently try to solve it.
15 Minutes Rule
15 minutes is a time period which seems insignificant compared to the total duration of a day. Nevertheless, the scientists have counted that it’s enough just 10-15 minutes to wash the dishes after the dinner of an average family of 3-4 persons.  Not more than a quarter of an hour per day! It’s enough to avoid chronic accumulation of a pile of dirty plates in the sink. It goes without saying that you need a high quality dishwashing detergent to keep within this time period. For instance, with charcoal from the Unicum series by the B&B Company. The unique formula of the agent based on the excellent cleaning properties of the coal obtained when burning pine wood allows not only to clean the dishes from fat and dirt, but also to completely eliminate odors, even the persistent ones, including from fish and spices. Moreover, you can clean fruit and vegetables with such an agent, since the active components of this gel are washed off in just a few seconds. In addition, the Unicum dishwashing gels line has products with the fragrances of orange, bergamot, green tea and so on, which makes the process of cleaning grease off dishes comfortable in all respects.
Tables and other surfaces
Besides washing dishes every evening, you also have to wipe the working kitchen surfaces. Even whey seem to be absolutely clean, there are dust particles accumulated on them during the whole day, the smallest grease droplets, traces of water splashes and crumbs. Unicum Multi will make routine cleaning of kitchen surfaces faster and more efficient – it is suitable for any surfaces, from tiles to plastic, and will quickly clean the countertops, cupboard doors, surface of the microwave oven and refrigerator from the accumulated dirt, give them shine, remove foreign odors, and create a protective nanolayer of the product on them, which will protect them against the dirt accumulation in the future. Due to the spray bottle, the product is convenient to apply, it is kosher and hypoallergenic, and the quality is as good as of Israeli cosmetics.
Gloss of plastic and glass
As a rule, there is a lot of glass and plastic surfaces in modern kitchens, which are easy to leave traces of the hands and stains from water on. Unicum Professional agent for cleaning glass, plastic and mirrors will help remove them effortlessly. Window sills, window frames, plastic facades of kitchen furniture will shine again, and you will have to spend virtually no time or effort for it.