Parquet or parquet board is one of the most popular floor coverings. The owners have been choosing parquet for their homes for many years, despite the relatively high cost of such a covering and the need for its professional installation. Parquet fully justifies these expenditures: such a floor is not only beautiful, but also has a long service life, a good sound and thermal insulation, and the most important – it is environmentally friendly. However, parquet can lose all these wonderful properties in the case of improper treatment. As we know, wood absorbs water well, after which its fibers lengthen and shift relative to each other. After intensive wetting, ideally even parquet board deforms, “swells”. This must be avoided, since it is impossible to fix such flooring, it only has to be replaced, which is not cheap at all.
To not let this happen, you just have to follow several simple rules of cleaning parquet floor:
the first wet cleaning of the parquet after its installation can be carried out about two weeks after it was varnished;
when washing parquet, hot water and aggressive household chemicals must not be used, because they will lead to losing parquet luster. Solution of soda, washing powder, hard soap, vinegar or dishwashing detergent are also not suitable for parquet cleaning. Only agents specially designed for parquet are permissible, such as UNICUM Parquet cleaner. It is specially designed for demanding parquet covering, easily copes with all types of contaminations, does not damage the flooring structure, gives it shine and leaves a protective layer preventing new contaminations. For maximum effect, protection and polishing of the parquet, natural Carnauba wax is added to the composition;
to wash the parquet, you need to use a soft cloth, such as a microfiber floor duster. The moist duster must be wrung out well in order to avoid excess moisture of wood. The same applies to mops, for washing parquet, they are usually equipped with a mechanical wringing, allowing you to easily remove excess moisture;
parquet requires wet cleaning not more than three times a year, the rest of the time you can do dry cleaning;
in no case can you use a wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner to clean the parquet flooring;
dust and sand are one of the main enemies of parquet, their particles clog into the pores of the wood, gradually accumulate, and also scratch the surface of the floor. This will result in the fact that cleaning will require removal of the upper layer of parquet and re-varnishing. Thus, it is so important to choose a proper way of cleaning parquet flooring and the whole apartment or house: dust and sand should not be carried from one room to another on the soles of shoes.
Extending the service life of your parquet
Aside from cleaning, parquet floor requires a special care.
The room with parquet should not be too humid, but too dry air is also harmful: in the first case, the parquet can swell, and in the second – crack, and the parquet boards will creak, shift relative to each other;
to avoid scratches and dents on the floor, pieces of felt have to be glued to the legs of all furniture;
walking in high-heeled shoes, especially with metal heeltaps, is not allowed on the parquet – they will leave dents and scratches on the surface;
pets (cats, dogs, rabbits, etc.) have rather sharp claws which can leave deep scratches on the floor. To avoid such trouble, the pets’ claws should be regularly trimmed;
when scratches appear on the parquet, a special restoration paste is used, and wax polishes and oils are used for lustering.
Wooden flooring was very popular in the past, but even nowadays it is often preferred, like parquet, by many owners of apartments. Wooden floors are environmentally friendly, durable, are less demanding than parquet board, and in addition, they often cost less than parquet. Nevertheless, wooden flooring, as any other, occasionally gets dirty and, therefore, also requires regular cleaning and care.
Wooden floor can be painted and unpainted. To was a painted floor, you will need warm water, UNICUM cleaner for parquet, a mop or a duster. Such floors shall be washed without lifting the mop up from its surface, making movements in the figure-eight for a better cleaning.
Unpainted floor is also washed with warm water with diluted mopping agent and a scrubbing brush.
Wooden floors require wet cleaning approximately once a week. They are not so demanding as parquet, but they also do not tolerate excess moisture, so water must be carefully collected from the surface of such floor. Wet-and-dry vacuum cleaners are not suitable for cleaning of such floor, but a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning will become your loyal assistant: as in the case of parquet, sand and dust must not remain on the wooden floor, since their particles can scratch the surface.
Parquet and wooden floorings are deservedly loved because of their prestige, environmental friendliness and attractiveness. Following the rules of care will extend their service life, so that they would always delight the owners of the house.