Until recently, housewives had practically no alternatives in choosing laundry detergents: hard soap and washing powder. It was multi-purpose, i.e. for everything at once. It was used for shirts, trousers, towels, bed sheets… After washing, things often lost their original color and shape, while many stains managed to remain just where they were. Happily, science doesn’t stay static, and skillful housewives have more and more laundry detergents in their disposition, which can not only preserve, but also improve the original qualities of clothes and sheets, remove not only stains, but also inevitable traces of wearing clothes: pills, creases; they make the fabric soft and colors bright.
Gel instead of powder
Liquid detergents are becoming increasingly popular. They are easy to use and their effectiveness is vastly superior to powder. What are the advantages of liquid detergent? Both powder and gel are ready-to-use laundry detergents which do not need any additional catalyst for action. However, for a full and the most effective use, the powder needs to be dissolved in hot water. Liquid detergent does not require such a condition, it dilutes well already in warm and even cool water, which is important, for example, for washing linen or knitwear which can be ruined in hot water. By the way, diluting in cool and warm water can significantly save energy and resources of the washing machine, which is important.
Liquid detergent is handy to store – it suffices to just close the bottle cap tightly. It’s harder to store the powder: it’s difficult to close the box or soft pack tightly, which makes it easy for the powder to become damp. Moreover, under the influence of oxygen and moisture, the active components of the powder lose their properties. When using washing powder, allergies and contact dermatitis occur pretty often.
In addition, unlike powder, liquid detergent completely washes off with water, it doesn’t remain in the fabric fibers, and therefore does not require additional rinsing. The gel composition gently affects the fabric, preserving its structure and shape, while powder belongs to aggressive means, and when using it regularly, things gradually become worn out and the fibers structure becomes damaged.
Not too long ago, the preparation of linen for washing consisted of the simplest sorting: white goes separate from colored, light – separate from dark. Nowadays, due to the appearance of special laundry gels for various types of fabric, sorting became somewhat more complicated, but as a reward, the diligent housewife will have an ideal state of clothes after washing and a long service life of the favorite items. For instance, the Unicum line of liquid detergents from the B&B Company includes not only a multi-purpose liquid detergent, but also special agents. Unicum liquid detergent for colored linen is suitable both for automatic and hand wash, its action starts already at 30°С. It is ideal for washing of brightly colored clothes, of both natural and synthetic fabrics. It eliminates dirt and stains from food and sweat, at the same time maintaining the original color and brightness of the items. Unicum liquid detergent for wool, silk and delicate fabrics has a smooth effect upon clothes, gently cleans fibers from contamination and preserves their original shape, softness and elasticity. Unicum liquid detergent for black linen is irreplaceable for an effective wash of dark, black and denim fabrics. When regularly using this gel, clothes do not discolor, retain their original color and shape. Moreover, the gel prevents fabrics from forming pills. Unicum special liquid detergent for curtains and tulle helps you clean the fibers effectively without damaging them and restore whiteness of delicate items. All Unicum liquid detergents are hypoallergenic, kosher, their quality corresponds to the quality of Israeli cosmetics.
Clean up in just minutes
Well, after a big wash you need to tidy up the bathroom! Unicum bathroom cleaner will help you do this quickly and without extra efforts – it will easily clean enameled, porcelain and chrome plated surfaces, give them shine, eliminate odors and prevent appearance of new contaminations. For those who have acrylic bathtubs and shower cabins we have a special Unicum agent for acrylic, which is designed specially for gentle cleaning of modern polymer surfaces.
Big wash means responsibility even if you have modern household appliances. Modern agents for delicate laundry and for bathroom cleaning will help you cope with chores much faster and more effectively.