• High plant capacity
• Proprietary artesian wells with a depth of more than 220 meters and high-tech water treatment complex
• Four automated lines for packaging, bottling and labeling
• Proprietary laboratory for the development of the newest formulations
• Imported raw materials of European quality
• Wide range of products
• Short production and delivery times
• Extensive experience in the market of household chemicals
• Individual approach to the client
The B&B Family Company produces premium household chemicals. The company brands include UNiCUM (products for daily cleaning of the house), UNICUM SUPER DUSTERS (non-woven products), COTICO (laundry detergents), COTICO BABY (children’s series), VAILY (environmentally friendly products), EasyWork (professional cleaning agents). High quality of products is ensured by such factors as high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials from Israel, Europe and the USA, a four-stage water treatment system, modern high-performance equipment, a three-stage quality control system, and the use of advanced developments and components.
The B&B Family Company offers a very wide range of products: household chemicals for bathroom, kitchen, laundry — for customers with different needs and preferences. The company products are presented in chain stores of AUCHAN, METRO Cash&Carry, X5 RetailGroup, Leroy Merlin, Selgros, Sedmoi Kontinent, Billa, Alyye Parusa, Azbuka Vkusa, Bakhetle, Utkonos, 7-Ya, Podrygka, Yuzhnyy Dvor and in small shops within walking distance. The clients of the company also are hotels and HoReCa enterprises all over Russia.
The fact that household chemicals produced by the B&B Family Company belongs to the premium class does not mean that it includes only expensive products. Indeed, as a rule, if the products are made with modern technologies based on high-quality raw materials, it is expensive. However, the optimally built production process of the B&B Family Company, its well-established logistics, and modern management allow the company to offer consumers products of higher quality than many foreign counterparts, but at affordable prices.
The B&B Family Company guarantees high quality and safety of products thanks to an effective control system. Highly qualified specialists subject the raw materials to triple control in professional laboratories: acids and alkalis are checked for impurities and moisture, the dry density of bulk reagents and pH of their solution is checked; the composition of the components and the foaming ability of the surfactants is measured.
Kosher status
Kosher (kashrut) is a set of traditional rules determining the conformity of products with the requirements of Halakha, the Jewish Law. Kosher products are made of specially treated raw materials with the help of special technologies. The B&B Family Company products meet the requirements of kashrut, which confirms the environmental friendliness, suitability, usefulness and appropriateness of its use in everyday life by those who keep up national traditions. Follow the link to view the Kashrut certificate.
Production according to GOST
The products of the B&B Family Company is manufactured with foreign advanced technologies, and at the same time fully comply with all the requirements of the Russian GOST – the main category of standards in Russia. GOST of the Russian Federation in respect of household chemicals confirms the safety of goods, compliance with the established sanitary and hygienic standards, regulates consumer labeling, determines the storage and transportation conditions. In addition, GOST determines the type of product and its difference from other products.”